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Thank to All who attended and celebrated our grand re-opening event on Saturday February 9th  (Check out the slide show below)
Thank you to Nicole & Craig from the Pine St. - Tim Hortons for your donation of Hot Chocolate, donuts and Tim bits.
Thank you to those  participated in our demonstrations. You did an awesome job! Special thanks to all of our students and families that supported us and continued to come to classes and help us in any way during the time of the fire  and during the many months afterwards while the renovations and re-building was taking place.
Thank you to the students that participated in classes at the park no matter what the weather was like. You showed great spirit!
Thank you to our students that came to classes at St. Basils while we were under construction. Your dedication was greatly appreciated.
Thank you to Sensei Frank for your ongoing support and advice.
An extra special thanks to Tiina Neimi for starting a "go fund"me account to help with expenses which helped us immensely.
A huge  heartfelt thank you to the members of the IKD Karate in June at the  Haliburton camp. As well special thanks to  Janice & David Pyke and members of the Martimes IKD dojo.
Thank you for the many messages,  cards and special gifts.
Thank you to Winmar for exceptional and quality service.
If we didn't mention your name here  please know that we are grateful for everything that everyone did to help us through this tragic event ...there are so so many of you.
Thank you ...simple words for so much appreciation!

Sensei Chris, Sheena & Family

Check out the pictures from our Grand Reopening Event
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Happy New Year 2019! Wishing you all wellness, much happiness and a year of karate fun through dedication and spirit.  Thank you for supporting our club through a very hard year!
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Sensei Chris Troch, 6th Dan, awarded the IKD National Medal of Service.
"Sensei Frank Woon-a-Tai stated  "Sensei Troch has been a loyal student of mine since the early 1980s. His record of service is long and distinguished"  
Congratulations Chris you are a worthy recipient of this prestigious award!

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On December 7, 2017 We were blessed to have our first night of our dojo reopening in time for training and  testing with Sensei Frank Woon-A-Tai Shuseki Shihan /Grand Master
Thank you all for your part in making this reopening happen! We are humbled and greatly appreciate each and everyone of you!

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Sensei Chris was presented a special plaque by Sensei Woon-A-Tai to honor his reopening after major renovations due to an extensive fire that occurred in the spring of 2017. It is a beautiful work of art. Thank You Sensei for your amazing gift!